“We Have to Unite the Country” - #Blog365 Day 70

I didn’t sleep well last night. I stayed up later than I should have watching the election results, and then I tossed and turned thinking about the direction our country has taken.

I love the democratic process, and I’m ecstatic that voter turnout was as high as it was, and people were so committed to the candidates they believe most support their values. That said, I’m deeply saddened by the direction our country has decided to go, both for personal and professional reasons, and my hope is that whatever happens over the next few years, it benefits the country, rather than harms it.

Last night, during his acceptance speech, Donald Trump spoke about the need to unite the country. I hope this comment was sincere, as our country is incredibly divided as he takes office. His campaign hasn’t been particularly unifying either, so much will remain to be seen as he steps into the role of our 45th president.

For me, the need to unify a deeply divided country must come first, and must take precedence over new initiatives, partisan politics, and changes in policy with other countries. If our new president is to truly make a difference, he will first have to find a way to bring the rural and urban divisions in America together.

And that will not be an easy task.

Actions always speak louder than words. Our new president’s lack of politically experience may be a blessing. It may also be a curse. But whatever actions he takes, that is what people will remember. It won’t matter what he has said in the past or what he says in the future, only what he decides to do.

We live in a time when every word is scrutinized by media and the world-at-large. Certainly, our new president has seen both the benefits and disadvantages of this.

If he is to truly be the type of president this country needs, then his actions will have to be such that they hold true to the vision of this country, and that they support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For all.