In my work, and in all areas of my life, I value critical thinking, conversation, and collaboration.  Below are a few samples of work that I have either directed, created, designed, or collaborated on.  In most cases, this work is the property of my employer, Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES, and in all cases, it is the property of someone or something.  If you're interested in using, modifying, or referencing any items on this page, please ask!

Setting Timelines This experience, part of a larger strategic planning portfolio, allows learners to think critically about setting timelines for work completion.

PNW BOCES Curriculum Center Professional Development Catalog 2017 - 2018 This catalog highlights professional learning opportunities that were designed based on regional needs, and were put together in partnership with learners and leaders throughout the NYC suburbs.  (All design/graphics courtesy of PNW BOCES IT Department)

PNW BOCES On-Site Consultant Meeting Agenda March 2018 This agenda provides for a sense of the foundation of a meeting held for consultant team members at PNW BOCES.

Young Authors Conference Program Brochure 2018 This brochure is the face of the Young Authors Program, a student program that involves roughly twenty high schools throughout the region. I collaborate on this brochure with Cathy Greenwood, our co-coordinator, and the various presenters who will be facilitating these workshops. (Design and Backgrounds courtesy of PNW BOCES IT Department)

On-Site Consultant Meeting Stuck in the Mud Protocol In my work with our team of regional consultants, I regularly design new protocols.  I enjoy putting protocols together as I always find them to be an excellent tool to foster critical thinking and conversation.

Project Proposal: District STEM Audit In my current role, I am regularly working with districts to held design new services.  This STEM audit proposal was designed in collaboration with my supervisor, Dr. Marla Gardner, and served as an entry-point to exploring STEM auditing services for regional districts.

Teaching is the Core Grant Application Along with writing blogs and articles, I have also written a number of grants.  This one, written in collaboration with Dr. Marla Gardner and Diane Cunningham (of Learner-Centered Initiatives), was funded by the New York State Education Department for four hundred thousand dollars. 

MakerSpace Training Workshop Evaluation Professional development only works if both the audience and the facilitator receive appropriate follow-up.  This is a sample of an evaluation summary, a document I send to each facilitator after a workshop is completed.

3 Tech Tools!  3 Hours! Presentation This presentation is from a workshop that I provided regionally at PNW BOCES.  It explored a number of tech tools that could be explored and put into practice in a very short period of time.

Writing in Science Presentation This presentation is from a workshop that I provided regionally at PNW BOCES. It looked at methods to incorporate writing in science, particularly at the elementary school level.

Say It Loud! Presentation This presentation was shared at the annual NYS ASCD Symposium and explored technology tools/apps that help to put an emphasis on learner voice.

Myron Dueck Blended Learning Facilitator Agenda In collaboration with five other sites in New York State, I have designed an agenda for a blended learning workshop with Myron Dueck, author of "Grading Smarter, Not Harder."