“We Reached a Milestone” - #Blog365 Day 100

Today marks the 100th day of #Blog365. For the last one hundred days, I’ve written a blog post each day (along with close to fifteen other educators). The posts vary in length, and to be fair, quality, but the original premise was simply to get me reflecting on a daily basis, something I believe I haven’t been incredibly good at over the last few months. And, I’ve met a tremendous milestone in going for one hundred days.

Reaching a hundred days of posting, even if the posts are short, and not necessarily my best writing, represents a continued commitment. We all know that there are some days when we are much more “on” than others, and that certainly shows with my writing. And yet, I’ve been able to keep myself going, sometimes by projecting forward and writing multiple posts in a day (which somewhat defeats the purpose I know; think of it as a double dose of reflection on one day). Other times, it is writing late into the night or in the very early morning.

Has this helped me become a more effective leader and learner? After one hundred days, I’ not entirely sure. But, it has led me to reflect much more regularly. Think of it like this: Let’s say that the average post takes me twenty minutes to write. Now, before the post, I’m thinking of potential topics and ideas (I’m using a quote or saying that I might have heard someone say, or that I might have said to someone as a structuring tool) that I might write about. I’m reflecting on what has happened in my life over the last few days or weeks that might support or tie into that, and I’m also considering leadership moves I might have taken (or not) and how things played out. While I write, I’m thinking about the words, what they mean, and what I can learn from them. And then after I’m done, I’m reflecting on the piece as a whole. What does it say? Why? How?

For me, writing is therapeutic. There is something I enjoy about willing my fingers to type or move a pen, and I often visualize the words and ideas being translated into actions and movements my hands/fingers make (weird, right?). It is also nice to write for an audience of one. Unlike other forms of writing, these posts aren’t about the readers; they are about the writer. There is a tremendous freedom in being my own audience.

Milestones are always important to reach. They provide a handhold to grab for on our way up, and a stepping stone to leap from as we continue on our path. Certainly one hundred is a long way from three hundred sixty-five.

But, it is also a long way from zero.