“A New Beginning” - #Blog365 Day 123

2017 began today. It is another opportunity for a fresh start, as every new year starts the calendar cycle all over again.

In fact, though the New Year gains the most “play” as an opportunity to begin anew, there are many “new years” that we encounter each year. The new school year begins in August or September for most of us, and the fiscal year starts on July 1. Different religions, like Judaism, also have a new year, and sports fans might see a new year beginning with the start of their sport season.

What’s the point?

Well simply that we shouldn’t feel as if we have to wait for January 1 to turn over a new leaf, or to start fresh. It is much easier to begin anew than we might think.

And, the value of this thinking is that the more opportunities we provide ourselves to begin anew, the easier it becomes for us to try and right a wrong, do something differently, take a risk, adjust a relationship, or something else entirely.

With so many opportunities to “start over”, it is a wonder that we don’t reflect as often as we could. Reflection often takes a back seat to much else, because, in reality, we are often too busy continuing on the same path, than thinking of ways we can go about our lives differently.

So, while we should welcome 2017 with open arms, we should do the same for every other “new” opportunity that presents itself to us.

Here’s to many new beginning’s this year.