“My Reflection” - #Blog365 Day 135

As I’ve been putting this blog together, I’ve had the opportunity to think a lot about the reflection process. In doing so, I’ve come to two big conclusions (so far).

First, reflection doesn’t happen on a set schedule. There are some days when I write where I could be putting together multiple posts with interesting thoughts. Then, there are other days where I struggle to think about quotes or ideas that have truly inspired me. They’ve happened, no doubt, but they have likely been buried by other ideas; ideas which may be just as valuable (or not) and for some reason are preventing me from reflecting as deeply as I could. The funny think about reflecting daily is that on some level I am attempting to train myself to be a more regular reflector. This is, of course, incredibly important, but I haven’t really realized how challenging it is prior to thinking about it today. And, while reflection doesn’t happen on a set schedule, this blog writing has made me think that maybe, in fact, it should.

My second conclusion is that reflection can be either short or lengthy, and time of reflection doesn’t necessarily correlate to its power. For instance, I’ve learned that in my writing, I can have a very succinct reflection that is incredibly meaningful, and at the same time, can reflect in depth, without it truly changing my practice. So, as far as reflections go, it is truly about the substance, and what it means for me, and much less about the amount of words, or time spent thinking about an idea.

It’s amazing to think that I am slowly nearing the halfway mark of this writing experience, and while it hasn’t always been easy, I have been amazed at how much it has become a part of my daily life. As long as I push myself to reflect on a daily basis, I’ll have gone a long way to enhancing my reflection.