“Some Days Are Better Than Others” #Blog365 Day 144

What classifies a day as “good” or “bad?”

While it likely varies from person to person, we all know that we’ve had many of each, and sometimes, both on the same day.

We also know, of course, that a measure of a day’s “goodness” or “badness” is all subjective. No day is ever really good/bad. Days are the same length of time and run the same way over the course of the year.

It is our interpretation that influences the day.

That means that regardless of what happens on any given day, or in any given moment, we are in control of that date, and how we let it impact us.

True, there will always be some days that are easier for us to categorize as “good” or “bad,” but I contend that there is always some good or some bad in any given day. How we mark it or title it is truly up to us.

So, are some days better than others? Maybe, but our goal as leaders and learners is to make sure that we keep in mind that just like us, all of those we serve are experiencing the fluctuation of different days, and therefore are having “bad” days and “good” days too.

Since happiness is contagious, and since we would rather our community be built on smiles than frowns, it is important for us, despite how we “feel” the day is going, to always project a willingness to see the positive, and to physically smile every day.

This doesn’t mean we don’t share our sadness or frustration, but instead, that we look to find the best in every situation, and continue to move our organizations towards cultures of success and positivity.