“Let’s Write” - #Blog365 Day 164

This morning I had a conversation with a few colleagues about the power of writing. We were talking about putting some work together, and wondering who the potential audience might be, and whether it would be a fit for readers.

As someone who thinks a lot about writing and who takes great enjoyment from writing, I feel very strongly about engaging in the process. I also feel that each piece of writing does need to have a defined audience, and that whether we’re writing an email, a blog post, or a reflection, we have to be clear and say what we really mean.

For me, the act of writing is akin to the act of thinking. Along with engaging in discussion, writing serves as the best method for me to really think deeply about an idea, and also about my own skills as a learner and leader. What is also interesting to me is that in the case of discussion, it is a multi-way learning opportunity; I need to be deeply engaged with others in order for the idea or skill to take hold of me. With writing, it is often an individual experience for me; I tend to do most of my writing alone.

So, it was interesting to talk about writing with others, and to consider how we would write a piece that reflected one voice, despite coming from more than one person.

I believe that the process of writing is something we all need to engage in. Whether individually or in groups, the reflective opportunity it provides is incredibly meaningful for us all. And, we can begin it through small-scale writing or large, and for an audience of one, or many. In fact, a simple sentence can be more powerful than an entire conversation.

Words do have power, so let’s write to grow.