“We’re Building a Network” - #Blog365 Day 167

I’ve written previously about the tremendous value I place on communication and forming relationships (as well as sustaining them). I believe that we all need to be a part of multiple networks in order to lead and learn as effectively as possible.

Part of building a network comes with expanding one or a number of them. And, part of expanding networks means creating ties between the different networks we’ve already formed or are a part of. After all, the closer each network can grow to each other, the deeper the potential ties that can be made.

Yesterday, we had a small gathering at our home where we introduced some of our friends to different friends, friends who in the past, hadn’t had the opportunity to interact. They got along extremely well, which made us incredibly happy.

This “merging of networks” not only helped us to strengthen our relationships with each of our friends, but also helped build connections between others.

In my work professionally, I think of the value of connecting people to each other too. I’ve written previously about how I take joy from giving others the opportunity to connect. I don’t need to take anything from it; simply providing people with an opportunity to grow is all the recognition I need.

One of my long-term goals is to continue to build a network of relationships. In so doing, I hope to always have a hand to reach out to, a brain to pick, and a person to learn and lead alongside. For me, professionally and personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.