“I’m Frustrated” - #Blog365 Day 170

I tend to be a pretty even-keeled person. I also tend to be pretty even when I get frustrated.

But, I do lose my cool from time-to-time.

I’ve taught myself that the best way to handle a frustrating situation is to take a step back and choose to avoid reacting in the moment. Usually, I realize that one of the reasons I get frustrated is because I don’t understand the full implications of a given situation, or I haven’t looked as closely through the lens of others as I should have. In other words, often my frustrations are due to me, rather than due to others.

When we look at frustration through the lens of what can we do more effectively the next time, rather than what others should have done this time, we can truly grow our level of patience and develop our ability to respond positively to frustrating situations, rather than become unraveled.

Another key element to remind ourselves of when it comes to frustration is that everyone gets frustrated differently. What is incredibly easy to handle for some is incredibly challenging for others, and what others find tough may be easy for us to deal with. In other words, frustration is an individual sensation, and since others might not be frustrated in the same ways that we are, it begs the question of whether being frustrated is actually a successful solve to anything.

So, in those moments when I choose to become frustrated, I also choose to let cooler heads prevail, take a few steps back, a few deep breaths, and give myself time to think clearly. If an apology is necessary, I’ll be sure to give it, and then I’ll move on. Because frustration is never something that we should be owned by. Rather, we should be comfortable enough with ourselves to recognize its appearance, and then work to send it on its merry way.