“Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” - #Blog365 Day 192

Last night I was able to get to bed early.

Not tonight.

We had a late meeting at work, and I had a number of tasks I needed to complete prior to work tomorrow (this blog post being one). So, I’m up at 10:45 PM, after completing everything else, and quickly putting this piece together.

My realization is that there will be some times when I don’t come close to hitting the mark, and others where I do. What is most important for me is the realization that this will happen, and that my goal needs to be to continually work towards meeting the goals I’ve set.

Even if I move backwards from time-to-time.

Another key realization? That I am the keeper of my tasks (at least some of them). My blogging is meant to prompt me to reflect, and reflecting doesn’t have to happen over lengthy periods, nor does it have to be based on lengthy thoughts, or in this case, lengthy writing.

So, I’m going to end my post here, recognizing that the extra few minutes I’ll earn from stopping a post early will serve me better than carrying this current reflection any longer.