“A Kind Gesture” - #Blog365 Day 194

There are so many different kind gestures that we can make. Whether it is a smile, an offer to carry something, buying someone a coffee.

These are all “small things” that tend to add to our relationship bankroll. The more we extend ourselves for others, the more they, in turn, will hopefully extend themselves for others as well, and therefore pay it forward.

Oftentimes, we can get in the habit of thinking that only large-scale change or assistance can truly help others. But, time and time again, experience proves that even a small show of support can have deep implications.

What’s so important about this is that it should remind us that in our daily work with those we serve, it is just as important to do the “small things” as it is to lead in a big way. Plus, it is infinitely easier to find the time to do the small things. A “hello” as we’re walking down the halls, a brief visit for ten minutes to a classroom to interact with students and teacher, a positive conversation with a parent during pickup, a “thank you” note to a staff member who organized a family event. All of these can make a difference for someone, and none of these requires the investment of time that “a big initiative” might.

In fact, I might state that if we really are focused on culture change, then the only way we can get there is through a collection of small positive occurrences; an initiative of culture change isn’t a “flip the switch” type of event. It requires a multitude of small shows of support; kind gestures that truly make a difference.

So, we must take the time to realize that every little thing we do can benefit others. And we must take the time to make that happen.