“Playing Catch-Up” #Blog365 Day 196

Yesterday, I had no time to reflect (well, very little time anyway). So, I didn’t get the chance to write my daily blog. This made me a bit frustrated, as I’ve found the daily blogging I’ve been able to keep to for the year so far to be really powerful. The thing is, when we realize we have to catch up, we have to move on and live with it. So today, I’ll be posting two daily blogs, one that I wrote two days ago, and this one, which is more a realization that schedules were meant to be broken, than a true reflection.

This daily blog reflection has done wonders to help me to force myself to think more deeply, and while there are times when I wish I had that extra thirty minutes to put towards something else, I’m empowered by the fact that this routine has helped me to write more regularly and with even greater purpose.