“Going With My Gut” - #Blog365 Day 205

This morning I had to make a difficult decision. One in which everyone else in my family disagreed, but I felt it was the right way to go. It wasn’t a major decision by any means, but one that clearly would have an impact regardless of how the decision was made. And, to complicate matters, it wasn’t fully my decision to make, but I felt so strongly that I felt I had to have the final word on it.

I don’t like to do that often, but sometimes each of us feels that we have to be the decision-maker, and deal with the fact that it might not be the most popular decision. Sometimes we just have to go with our gut.

While our gut can be wrong from time-to-time, since it is based on our experience and our perspective, we at least know that it has gotten us to where we are so far, for better and worse (but hopefully mostly better).

We also know that leadership, whether it be through a personal or professional lens, is all about making tough decisions from time-to-time. And those tough decisions help us to grow and learn in our own decision-making abilities.

In other words, going with our gut every so often actually makes us more capable of making tough decisions in the future. After all, we can only get better in our work when we push the limits of the work we’ve done previously.

I’m not sure how this decision will turn out. As I sit here and type this blog, I still feel like it was the right way to go.

Of course, I could be wrong.

 And, whether it was the right decision or not, whatever happens next will help me in the work that I do into the future!