“The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease” - #Blog365 Day209

Why is it that the loudest are often the ones who are “heard” the most? Why do we feel we need to acknowledge the loudest voices by providing them with what they want, simply to get them to quiet down.

It’s certainly human nature to want any work to go smoothly, and because we’ve been taught throughout life that all conflict needs to be resolved, it can be difficult for us to lead with loud voices around us.

And yet, those loud voices can be powerful for an entirely different reason than because of their volume.

Those voices of dissention can actually help us stay grounded and focused on the good work ahead. In fact, while we might want to quiet them, it is good to keep those voices close; we should never be surrounded with only the sounds of approval.

The key is to make the most of those voices of dissention. Why are those people the loudest? When we filter out the noise, what does the content of their work actually say? How can we use their volume to actually help us propel the common goal of what’s best for learners forward?

Some folks may never want to quiet down. They might take joy out of always being the dissenter, never wanting what they want to happen for fear of attracting attention to the struggles they are dealing with in their own work. But, for some, taking those loud voices into consideration and doing the hard work of helping them grow, rather than the easier work of appeasing, is what they really want, and what we need to be able to provide them with.