“Taking the Redeye” - #Blog365 Day 213

So, despite not having planned for it, I ended up having to take the redeye Tuesday back to New York City. As I mentioned previously, this was after a significant delay that put us out of Los Angeles much later than anticipated. The good news was that we were able to leave a little over an hour earlier than the most delayed estimate.

The bad news was that this put still put us into New York at close to midnight.

So, after picking up something to eat, getting my car, and driving home, it was after 1 AM when I walked in the door. After going through some of my luggage, cleaning up a bit, and then laying everything out for work the next day, I was in bed by about 2:30.

About three hours later, I was up. J

Needless to say, this put me at a bit of a thinking disadvantage as I was nowhere near at full-capacity, thinking-wise. Of course, as I’ve learned we always have to make the best of everything, so I attempted to push through as best I could.

Sometimes, we need to work with what gets thrown our way, because we don’t have many options that are any better. And, sometimes, we’re ready to get back into the routine, and therefore we forego taking care of ourselves as best we can, in order to help ourselves return to “normalcy.”

My hope is that for the rest of the week, I can get back to a normal sleep cycle, and that the after-effects of the redeye will soon disappear!