“I’m Undecided” - #Blog365 Day 215

Sometimes, there is a lot I’m unsure of.

Actually, often there is a lot I’m unsure of.

I tend to think I’m an effective decision-maker, so it isn’t that. But, I often don’t see things in purely black and white. And that makes decisions challenging, as I always wonder about how results would be different if a decision went another way.

Of course, we can’t always second guess ourselves or we would get nothing accomplished. But, it does bear wondering about the finality of decisions. Is the nature of being undecided simply a desire to see a situation through a different lens?

Maybe it isn’t about being more decisive. Maybe instead it is about welcoming the feeling of indecision, and being comfortable with the fact that there will always be much that I would want to discover and find out.

Like a great Choose Your Own Adventure book (remember those?) I’m not content to follow just one pathway. I’m always curious about how my actions, or the actions of others, will impact the greater good. Otherwise, I feel as if my learning will never be as rich, and if there is one thing I want to always make sure I do, it is to take my learning to its fullest.

That I’m decided about, no doubt.