“Taking a Break” - #Blog365 Day 222

We all need opportunities to take a break and rest and recharge. I’m lucky to work for an organization that recognizes this.

Our administrative group operates on a business schedule twelve months per year. So, our breaks and holidays are based on business holidays, often rather than school ones. Each year, the administrative team has an option to take a recess during one of the school breaks.

So, during this spring break, I’ll be home, spending time with family and doing work around the house.

The challenges we face at home and the success we feel from personal accomplishments may feel different from the challenges and successes we encounter professionally, but we need both types in order to be as balanced and well-rounded as we can be.

Therefore, over the course of this coming week, I hope to not only rest and recharge, but take on challenges that have been hanging around the house for a bit too long. While I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete all of them, I welcome the chance to rest some of my professional skills as I build my personal ones.

And for the ones that overlap? So much the better. Any opportunity to do things a bit differently (and together, mind you) is one I want to take!