“A Great Run” = #Blog365 Day 226

We were lucky to have such phenomenal weather over the last few days. The weather was warm (but not too warm), there was ample wind (but not too much wind), and the sun was out (but it wasn’t too bright).

When I’m lucky enough to get weather like that, I feel like I have to do what I can to spend as much time as possible outside. So, along with going for a number of walks with the kids, and playing some games outside, including a very short soccer shootout, and lots of chalk-writing (which I didn’t participate in this go around choosing instead to watch), I also felt that it would be worthwhile to get a run in.

I tend to exercise five days per week. Often, those five days are Monday through Friday, and often, they involve a mix of biking and visiting the gym. When the weather is great, though, I look to run outside, and I was incredibly pleased to have such great weather accompany me for a really nice run.

While we don’t all find enjoyment in running, there are numerous types of exercise that we can engage in, and that can keep us not only feeling refreshed, but can also help us to refresh our thinking. For me, both of those are incredibly important. I need to keep myself in shape physically if I am to be able to keep up with work and home life, and if I am to be able to indulge from time-to-time in the types of food and drink I want to. I also enjoy running because it allows my mind to wander, with very few distractions; sometimes, listening to music even helps me focus further.

We all have to find those activities that help us to tone our minds and our bodies. I was lucky enough this week to have the perfect weather (at least for me) to get in a run that helped me do just that.