“Do or Do Not, There is No Try” - #Blog365 Day 231

I can’t claim credit for this one. I’m a big Star Wars fan, and I recently came across a number of Star Wars graphic novels that I haven’t yet seen. I ordered the first from Amazon (of course), and have been enjoying reading it (my oldest is currently eating breakfast and looking at it too). It’s been fun to reacquaint myself with some of the connected stories to the movies, and as a big comic book fan, it’s great to see these tales in graphic novel form.

In the graphic novel I’m currently reading, there is a character who looks quite a bit like Yoda. Though it isn’t him (this one is called Vandar Tokare), I was reminded of Yoda’s famous quote, “Do or Do Not, There is No Try.”

While part of the insight of Yoda’s speech is determining the manner in which he wants to express ideas, this one is pretty clear: simply that it is just as important, if not more so, that we get things done, then simply try to do so.

While I don’t think I’m as black/white on this as Yoda is (after all, there is tremendous merit in continuously trying things), I do agree that there are times when action, to completion, is necessary.

After all, if we’re never able to move beyond trying, and never get to learn from accomplishment (or drastic failure) than we’ve stifled the potential learning we can engage in.

I like to think of there being a balance between doing and trying, similar to a balance that must exist in the Force (some more Star Wars there). While it is important to complete, to succeed, to fail, it is just as important to monitor our process, our trying, our experiencing.

There is much to learn from Star Wars, and I recently read a nice book on life’s connection to the film series (it can be found here, and available at $1.99 no less!) I believe it is important for us to utilize cultural references to always assist us in growing as leaders and learners!