“Flipping the Switch” - #Blog365 Day 233

I wrote yesterday about getting bad news. And that was disappointing.

So, my supervisor and I went to meet with our central administration about the news we had heard to further share our thoughts and ideas about ways to potentially move forward.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to advocate strongly for what you believe in. At other times, that advocating isn’t a choice. It must be done to make sure that it is clear how passionate we are for a topic or idea.

And that is how it went. My supervisor and I, appropriately of course, shared our thoughts, reiterated our ideas, and felt as if we had really said all that could be said. Whatever the outcome, we knew that we had truly done all that we could to do.

And, our central administration continued to show why it is such a pleasure and honor to work where I do. They took our feedback to heart, and did beyond what could have been expected, to support the program and department.

When information was shared later in the day, it was almost as if a switch had been flipped. Neither my supervisor nor I were expecting the results, and they were much more positive than we would have believed the day before. While I can’t be sure if our passion and advocacy made a difference, I do believe that if nothing else, it showed our desire to continue to strive to support all our districts.

This further convinced me of the importance of acceptance, but only after we’ve done all we can. As I wrote about yesterday, there comes a time to accept what is said. But before that, we have to do everything in our power to make sure that our passion, our seriousness, and our thinking, are made as clear as can be to all those around us.