“Thanks So Much” - #Blog365 Day 245

We’re firm believers in the necessity to show gratitude. While it is often understood, to help us get a better idea of what the feeling is really all about, we also have to engage in thankful activities.

As this past weekend came to a close, and the birthday celebrating was done, we asked our oldest to write “Thank You” cards. My wife and I believe that when others take the time to give, we have to take the time to say “thanks.” This means, at least in the case of a birthday party, taking a few moments to write out individual cards, expressing appreciation.

It wasn’t exactly easy, as our oldest can get distracted easily (what seven year old doesn’t). But, she enjoyed the process and seems to understand the importance of expressing thanks for what others do for us.

In our professional lives, we have to model this as well. While all our adult learners understand the value of thanks, many are more likely to openly express gratitude when those they work with do too. In a way, it is paying gratitude forward. While we don’t have to “go crazy” with our thankfulness (our appreciation does need to match what was done for us), we do need to take the time to thank others regularly, and to make sure that they hear our thanks. And, when others are thankful, we must support their appreciation by showing that a culture of gratitude really does keep success within our hands.