“Like Clockwork” - #Blog365 Day 248

It’s funny how sometimes things happen all in a row; it really shows how we are so tied to the “timing of things” in our lives.

Like clockwork, the battery sensors in our alarm system are failing. They have a life span, of course, and we have the batteries to replace them, but I never would have guessed that the lifespan of the sensors was so “exact” nor that they would need to be replaced within such a short time of each other. Clearly, none of these sensors or batteries is “better designed” than any of the others.

While this example is a minor bother, it showcases the importance of always being prepared for routines or timelines that happen, “like clockwork.”

In other words, we have to make sure that we recognize that there is a system, a schedule, if you will, to all things, and by being proactive, we can adjust our work to meet the needs of these systems.

While none of us want to be hyper scheduled, it is important to recognize the timing of things, and the patterns that we inevitably encounter on a daily basis. By remembering these patterns, and valuing them, we stand the best chance of addressing them whenever they repeat.