“My Schedule’s Pretty Open” - #Blog365 Day 260

It isn’t often that we get to say we have an open schedule, but for me, today is one of those days (at least for the most part). Due to an event that ended up being cancelled, I have a few items on my schedule this afternoon, but the rest of the day will allow me to do some catch-up work, something that I am greatly looking forward to.

I might even have the chance to work a bit ahead, something that, as of late, has been tougher and tougher for me to do.

While this might sound silly, or counter to the main idea, we all need to make sure that we schedule in times where we aren’t scheduled.

I remember reading, not too long ago, a post by someone from Google who was discussing the importance of building free-time into our work schedules. Basically, the post discussed that we were all too busy, and too busy to actually get the time in for us to reflect, think differently, and further enjoy our work.

My current role is one where, partially because of all that I am involved in, and partially because of the role itself, I find most days with little time to reflect and relax. What is so interesting, is because I like my work so much, I often don’t realize the need for that down-time as much as I should.

But, on a day like today, where I have some flexibility in my schedule, it reminds me of the importance of taking that time to catch-up, work ahead, or explore new ideas. Maybe I should start scheduling in this unscheduled time on a regular basis!