"Seeing the Small Picture" - #Blog365 Day 263

I was having a conversation with a colleague yesterday about our different lenses. She was saying that she can’t wait to gain more experience seeing “the big picture” as she transitions in role. She mentioned that I, along with another colleague of hers, have helped her to remember the importance of the big picture, and she was really looking forward to using that lens.

In reply, I told her how valuable her “on the ground” work has been to me, and why it is so important to wear both lenses (or have people in your inner circle who see things through a different lens than you tend to).

I don’t pretend to be great at wearing both lenses; I feel that sometimes as we grow in a role, we tend to lose sight of where we were, and how the world looked when we were there. It’s human nature, really.

And that is why it is so important to find ways to put those lenses back on from time-to-time.

What I was expressing to this colleague was the idea that we need to make sure that whether we see the “big picture” or the “small picture” on a regular basis, it is most necessary that we don’t forget about the other key lens.

For me, this has meant relying on people like my wife, colleagues (like the one in this post), and by taking the time to reflect (through blogging, such as this initiative). At the same time, we have to find the balance so that we can still keep our focus. In a search for a lens that isn’t common to us, we can also lose the importance of focus (something that I have learned I need to continue working on).

For now, as I continue to grow in my role, I hope to continue to be able to rely on others to help me put on the various lenses I need in order to see as much as possible.