“On a Different Schedule” - #Blog365 Day 269

My daughter’s school is closed these next two days.

And that means that everybody else’s schedule needs to change too.

When things in our lives change (whether major or minor) it often requires us to take a close look at what we do and consider how we want to adjust. Adjustments aren’t always easy, and they often force us to make even more changes.

In other words, a small change in schedule can have drastic implications for the way a schedule works on the large scale.

To give you a personal example, with my daughter off my school, and my wife and I both working, I have to take my daughter in to my office the next two days for an hour until the babysitter can come pick her up. Then, the babysitter has to drop her back off at my office at the end of the day, since she has a couple of items she needs to take care of.

There are professional implications here too. While my daughter is with me at work, I can “work,” of course.

But only kind of.                                                                                                 

In fairness, she wants some attention, and if I’m regularly interacting with her (as I should be), then I’m not as focused on the work tasks I have in front of me.

Yes, this is a very minor example, but it still causes me to reflect on how interesting schedules are, and how even the smallest change can impact our ability to be as effective as possible.