“Found Time” - #Blog365 Day 271

Every once in a while we end up in a situation where we have a little extra time. Sometimes this happens become of something like a cancellation. Other times it happens because we complete a task sooner than anticipated. Still other times, it just seems to happen.

When we have that found time, it pays to ask ourselves what we’re going to do with it. Are we going to build in another task? Are we going to catch up on items we’ve had on our agendas? Are we going to simply enjoy the lack of anything on our schedule?

Since time is often so short, it pays for us to think deeply about how we plan to use our found time. For me, I tend to like to fill the time with nothing and just enjoy. Or, sometimes, I’ll pick up a book I’ve put off for too long or spend some more time with the paper.

In any case, found time, both personally and professionally, allows us to make some choices that are often made for us. And, though we are the keepers of our own time use, only when time is “found” are we able to truly ponder all that we can do with it.

In our work, found time allows us to do things differently than we normally would, and this can lead to further developed relationships, reflecting deeper on a new idea, or directly helping others learn and lead.

Regardless of how or when we find our time, we owe it to ourselves to use it as we see fit, whether efficiently or not!