“That Was Really Creative” - #Blog365 Day 283

I’m a fan of finding ways to get creative. I like deconstructing ideas and facing challenges, and trying to find the best way to turn a problem into a solution.

And, being creative doesn’t have to require us to do anything really “different.”

If you don’t read the columns by Carl Richards (The Sketch Guy) for the New York Times, it is worth seeking out. His most recent piece talked about creativity as being part, “getting down to brass tacks.” You can read it here.

Simply, sometimes we just need to get down to business, and get to work, in order to make creativity happen. It doesn’t require us to be alone, turn off the lights, go to our “special place,” etc. Rather, creativity can come from doing the work over and over, until a new idea comes to light, whether it be purposefully, or by accident.

In any case, being really creative doesn’t necessarily mean that we put together a novel design or thought up something that nobody ever considered before. Instead, it might just be the repetitive process of writing and reflecting. Or, it could be the continued action of shoveling snow in the winter. Or, it could be related to daily emailing.

Being really creative can happen at any time, and in any circumstance. So, rather than get frustrated that we don’t have the “time” to be creative, why not use the time we have to do what we do, and let creativity come to us?