“Worth the Wait” - #Blog365 Day 294

Waiting is hard. None of us like to do it.

But, the other option is far worse. If we are too quick to act, or we decide not to engage in the practice that results in the waiting, then we are apt to be much worse off. In most cases, the benefit of waiting is in the after effect.

One of the things that makes waiting easier is the value we put in where we end up after the wait. By focusing on the end result, we can handle the stress of the wait itself. While we all wish we never had to wait, we have to understand that not only does it allow things to happen, but it also builds character. Dealing with all that waiting brings helps us to more effectively realize that very few things happen spontaneously, and even fewer things that we really want happen right away.

As I’ve aged and gained experience, both in life, and in my professional career, I’ve come to realize that my level of patience continues to increase. While I don’t know if I’m necessarily getting any better at the practice of waiting, I am getting more comfortable being patient, and letting things take their course. I also recognize that more things are out of my direct locus of control. And, while I still struggle with lack of control and sometimes feeling as if I don’t have a say in what happens, I also recognize that not everything is up to me, or something that I can directly impact.

While any type of wait is a struggle, I welcome the fact that most waiting simply happens because nothing is instantaneous. And, when we consider all the thinking and acting that we need to engage in in order to make change, that is likely a good thing.