“Take One for the Team” - #Blog365 Day 299

For most of this portion of New York State, Friday marked the last day of school. In our organization, this meant cleaning up for our ten-month staff members, and a celebratory picnic for all.

The day involves a number of opportunities to come together as one organization. Along with the picnic itself, where staff members grill, set up tables, clean up, etc. there is an opportunity to go for a walk, play some softball, and engage in an organization-wide bingo game.

It’s important that regardless of our roles, we take the opportunity to show that the power of an organization is more than that of a given role. Whether superintendent, or student, or paraprofessional, or teacher, all must interact if we are to be able to build the communities we so deeply want.

So, despite not swinging a bat in over five years, I volunteered to play some softball.

And, had a great time. The sense of camaraderie, the fun ribbing back and forth, and the opportunity to spend time outdoors simply playing were all incredibly beneficial ways to build a stronger community and to do something that doesn’t happen too often.

These opportunities to “take one for the team” so to speak, don’t happen all the time. So, when they do arise, we have to do our best to take advantage of them. After all, community is what allows us to accomplish the important work we have planned. Without a well-developed community, nothing is possible for long.