“Best of Both Worlds” - #Blog365 Day 306

It’s funny.

I’m in Denver presenting at an ASCD Conference and focusing on building my strengths as a leader and a learner, something that I feel very strongly about.

And, wouldn’t you know it? Right next door at the Convention Center is something else I feel strongly about: comics and science fiction.

It turns out, the Denver Comic Con is taking place at the same time as the ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence. It couldn’t be better!

While I’m here for ASCD, in between sessions, I made it my business to get out and mingle with the con attendees. I took a few pictures and enjoyed the vibe of all that a Comic Con brings. In fact, I even had the opportunity on Thursday to have dinner next to two Con vendors. It was incredibly cool to be able to chat with them about their work and how the Con supported their passions.

It was funny to consider how two of my passions ended up at the same place at the same time. While I was here as a learner of, and presenter on, education, I also truly love the fun and silliness that I encounter at comic and science fiction conventions.

While this ASCD event has been amazing in itself, I think my experience was bolstered simply by the existence of two passions intersecting. We truly can get the best of both worlds!