“Not So Fast” - #Blog365 Day 314

Sometimes, we think we’ve got things taken care of. We’ve dotted our “i’s” and crossed our “t’s” and believe that we’re all good to go. And then, we find out that we’re wrong.

Sometimes totally wrong.

That’s what happened to me today. After smiling about the sometimes benefits of quick fixes during yesterday’s post, I went downstairs to use my arcade, only to find that it wouldn’t start up.

In fact, apparently the situation was so bad that I got a “blue screen” error (which is one of the worst things to get when a computer has an issue.

Despite all of my attempts, I was unable to get it started. I tried every trick in my technologist book, and still, no working device.

So, it seems, that maybe my intuition about quick fixes was right. And maybe, even when they do work, they only work for a while. Maybe, a quick fix, even when it seems like everything is well-planned, is simply a Band-Aid, with the potential to come off at any time.

I’m not sure what the fix will be. I’m certainly hoping there is one. But, in the meantime, I’m left to reflect on quick fixes, their ability to make us feel as if all is okay, and their often proof that a quick fix is never as good as it might seem.