“A New Set of Goals” - #Blog365 Day 321

When we complete a given task, we have to find where to go next. Sometimes our new goals are directly connected. At other times, they are offshoots of work we have recently done. In still other cases, they are not connected at all, and we stumble upon them as we wonder where to go next.

With much of the work done on our house that we were hoping to complete, I’m now wondering about where to go next. Clearly, we don’t want to be forced into a goal (often what happens when there is a problem), and we also don’t want to “search” for a goal “just because.”

There is always tremendous value with accomplishing tasks, and in reality, our To-Do lists are never complete. For us, with the house, it currently seems like we’ve done most of what we need to do, and what’s left are items that are either not timely, or don’t really need to be worked on. While they will likely be completed at some point, we aren’t in any hurry to make them happen.

Of course, whether speaking professionally or personally, once our To-Do list is shortened, it gives us a great opportunity to think about direction and where we want to go. A shortened To-Do list allows for creativity and flexibility, and that is often when we come up with our best ideas, identify the juiciest problems, and brainstorm our most interesting solutions.

So, while it is always great to have a full To-Do list, there is benefit to having to come up with a new set of goals. I’m excited to see what new ideas we have for our home, and where next year takes my agency on the professional side.