“Finding Your Place” - #Blog365 Day 323

My oldest daughter loves sports. She loves playing soccer, she just started taekwondo, and she loves to run.

In fact, she’s started participating in an offshoot of our local runner’s club that sets up summer practices for young runners across the region. And she is fast.

She’s definitely a sprinter by the way she runs, and she enjoys it. Today she came home with a number of ribbons in her hand, proudly showing them off after finishing first in the 50 and the 100, and then third in the 400. And most importantly, she liked the process of running, not just the product of the ribbon.

We all need to find our place if we’re going to be as successful as possible in all that we do. Sometimes our place is in a sport, other times it is with a club or group, and still other times it involves a hobby or pastime that allows us to connect with others.

We need to understand that those we serve have their own places too, and those places are not just the roles they have at work. For those that have a place, we must allow for them to integrate it into the work that they do, and for those that do not yet have a place (or need to further cultivate it, or find a new place), we have to provide them with whatever support is necessary in order for them to find their place.

Why is this so important? Because when we find our place, we’re likely to feel at our most comfortable, and when we’re most comfortable, we’re most likely to do our best work. So, let’s find our place and once we do, let’s share that with those around us. While our place may be ours, once we’ve found it, we can then shift to helping others find theirs!