“Moving Quickly” - #Blog365 Day 331

This morning I couldn’t get my youngest daughter out of bed. Today is a day when I drop her off at day care and then pick her up, and I wanted to make sure I got into work a bit early to take care of a number of items.

But, for whatever reason, she was like a log, or a rock, or a brick, or whatever other items don’t tend to move.

At all.

I ended up having to drag her out of bed and stand her up. She then looked at me and crumpled to the floor.

Clearly she was tired, which was unfortunate, but it didn’t change the fact that we had to get moving. So, I did what any exasperated parent would do, which is struggle to get her going, much to the mutual frustration of both of us.

In life, there are times when things don’t move fast enough for us. Sometimes this a bad thing, and we need to take action and make things happen ourselves. At other points, the slow speed is actually a good thing, and we should use it as an indication that the time isn’t right for quickness. Instead, we need to wait patiently and resist the urge to force things.

Moving quickly will always get us somewhere faster. The true question, though, is whether arriving somewhere faster is the end goal, or whether it is more about arriving somewhere more effectively.