“A New Year” - #Blog365 Day 363

As I get close to the end of this year’s #Blog365 initiative, I’m constantly thinking about my focus for the 2017-2018 school year. On Thursday, we held our administrative retreat, in which my supervisor and I were tasked with facilitating a few key parts of the day.

We led the icebreaker, and then helped the group delve into an article and a series of strategies that explored the nuances of exceptional customer service. During our segments, our colleagues were immersed in reading, discussing an article through a timeless “3 Levels of Text” protocol, and then role-playing a series of scenarios to help sharpen the saw around what makes for service that customers truly appreciate.

Later, we had the opportunity to explore the priorities and goals of our agency for 2017-2018, and we had the chance, as a department, to discuss which of those priorities we felt best supported the work that we plan to engage in for the upcoming school year.

New years, whether as students, teachers, administrators, or community members, always provide a freshness in thinking and doing, and today was no exception. It was great to turn over the proverbial leaf, and see things anew, with a fresh perspective.