“Love What You Do” - #Blog365 Day 6

“Love What You Do”

There seem to be two camps around this saying: One believes that the proper way to share this idea is as “Love What You Do.” Those in this camp believe that we need to pursue, with almost laser-like focus, those experiences that feel most at-home to us. In this way, we continue to build our skills in the most comfortable and aligned manner possible. Others feel that “Love What You Do” is more appropriate. Those in this camp seem to believe that it is more about using every experience to make us better, and to understand that we can’t always do what we currently love, and that what we love, may in fact change, as our experience does as well.

Truth be told, I used to see myself in the “Do What You Love” camp, but as my variety of experiences have changed, and as I’m become a husband, and a father, I’ve slowly found myself migrating to the “Love What You Do” side.

Yesterday, I was moved even further along that continuum after reading an interview with Ben Chestnut, CEO of MailChimp, a tool I utilize for sharing our learning offerings throughout our region. Chestnut speaks of the value of this mantra through the following: “Take the job, learn to live in the moment and love it, master it, and doors will open for you.” In essence, what I believe Chestnut is saying is that we should welcome the unknown nature of things, and appreciate the fact that there are many different experiences to learn from, and it is more about what we learn from things than whether, for example, everything is suited to us.

Thinking through a parent lens, I struggle with this idea with my own kids. They have those activities that they want to always do (for instance, for my oldest draw or watch television; for my youngest cut anything and everything). But, exposing them to the joys of what they don’t yet like to do is a challenge.

I guess, one of the best ways to help others see the value of “Loving What You Do” is to model a positive approach to any situation. This means in our professional lives, being comfortable taking on roles that are “above” or “below” our current role. And personally, it means going with the flow, and looking to enjoy all that we experience.

A key question for me to ask myself? Where am I currently on the continuum of “Do What You Love” and “Love What You Do?” My goal: To incrementally keep moving towards the latter so that everything I do is what I then love.