“Hey. I Know You!” - #Blog365 #Day 63

Relationships are truly what makes the world work. And, when we have the opportunity to reconnect with people, it is almost as if synapses in our brain are firing that have been turned off more recently. It is almost as if we are reawakening parts of who we are.

Last night, while trick-or-treating, I ran into the parent of another child who I hadn’t seen in a while. I was in costume (dressed as Spider-Man), and she said, “Hey. I know you!” We chatted for a few minutes, and it was great to reconnect over our children’s teachers, how the year is going, and the coming of fall (I was freezing at that point; my costume wasn’t made for 40 degree F weather).

After we said “good-bye” and I was walking back home, I started to think about relationships as the organizing factor in the work that we do. I’m currently participating in a book talk around Collaborative Leadership, Peter DeWitt’s new book (you can find it here). One of Peter’s main principles is that the work we do is based on the relationships we cultivate, and therefore, how we work with people makes all the difference in the world.


This afternoon, I’m heading to a wake for a parent of a colleague. It’s quite a distance away, but again, relationships are key. In fact, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go, and I felt miserable about it all day. Happily changes were made, and I’ll be able to show my support. When we lead with relationships in mind, we tend to get more of those “Hey. I know you!” responses.

And it is that recognition, and that willingness to continue building a relationship, that truly makes for community and culture that supports all.