“I Really Enjoyed Our Time Together” - #Blog365 Day 96

There is tremendous value in spending time with family and friends. We need that time to be the best we can be both personally and professionally. In addition, those switching frames help us to see the world through a different light, at different times.

My wife and I had the opportunity to spend an evening in New York City. We took in a show, went out to dinner, and then walked around the World Trade site. That mix of laughter, enjoyment, happiness, sadness, and grief was a tremendous flow of varied emotions, and one that the two of us needed to reset ourselves after a very busy last few weeks.

My kids had a blast too. They got to spend the evening at their grandparents, who showered them with affection, let them stay up too late, and filled their day with everything from a dinner at Friendly’s to seeing the movie Moana.

In fact, we were all so happy at the end of the day that it was almost like we all had a vacation, even though it was only one day, after all.

We need to be able to have that switch in our daily routines to remind us of all that exists around us, and to also help ground us in why we do things the way we do. That’s why, whenever possible, it makes sense to adjust our daily schedules to speak with different people, engage in different activities, and take time to think in a different way.

While there is tremendous value in routine, there is also tremendous necessity in changing things up. Our goal is to find a way to balance these, and combine our need for things to be predictable, with our need to constantly see the world in a new light. In that way, we can always make sure that we enjoy our time together.