“I’m Glad the Two of You Are Connecting!” - #Blog365 Day 72

I love the work that I do. I enjoy problem-solving curriculum and instruction situations, and enjoy designing professional learning opportunities. I also love learning from others. Visiting a workshop in progress, if only for thirty minutes, to learn from the facilitator, and the other educators in the room is something that I can’t get enough of, and when my schedule doesn’t allow me the opportunity to spend time in workshops that are running, I feel a bit of “separation anxiety”; that is truly how much I love to learn from others.

Something else that has really helped shape my professional growth, and soething that took me a while to discover, was the joy I get from connecting others. I believe I’ve written about it before, but as I’ve matured as a learner and a leader, I’ve learned to shift my success matrix from a focus on myself to a more balanced focus on the success of everyone.

One of the assistant superintendents in our region is making a big move. She and her family are heading down south, and I happen to know a few excellent educators who work in the state where she will be relocating.

Moving is a big deal. It is challenging on us physically and emotionally, and is just as taxing on our families and friends. So, any help that can make a transition easier is help that should be given.

I reached out to one of my contacts who was happy to lend a hand. When I left at the end of the day yesterday, I had connected both of them to each other, and I heard from the assistant superintendent in our region that they planned to chat via phone later today.

What’s so amazing is that I received as much joy and happiness from making this connection as I would have from something that I did for myself. It was further validation in the need for leaders to develop their selfless lens as they continue to grow. If we can smile just as much from supporting others, why would we ever keep the focus just on ourselves?

After reflecting on their connection, which I hope leads to a further relationship, and hopefully professional and personal contacts for both of them, I wrote a short email to the assistant superintendent saying, “I’m glad the two of you are connecting!”

And I smiled the whole time I wrote it.