“It’s All about Perspective” - #Blog365 Day 73

Keeping perspective is a necessity. Whether or not you were a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or another candidate (or simply wrote someone in), chances are you realize that things in the future will be very different from the way they were in the past.

This doesn’t have to always be a good or bad. But, it does always require a change in perspective.

On Wednesday night, amidst the celebration and frustration, I felt I needed to look at things a bit differently. So, I did something I rarely do, and went out with a few of my friends on a work night. It wasn’t a crazy night by any means; we simply went out to dinner and then went to see a movie.

There were a lot of fascinating things I realized through this experience.

First, a Wednesday evening looks very different than a Friday or Saturday. More subdued, and much quieter, there was tremendous value to be out and about on a weekday evening and enough time to truly reflect on life.

In addition, the movie we saw was great for changing perspective. We saw Doctor Strange, which, besides being all about changing a person’s view of how the world works, also had some mind-bending special effects, which, particularly when viewed in 3D, do wonders for helping you see the world in a different light.

Being open to altering one’s perspective is also incredibly important professionally. We need to remember that our way of seeing things isn’t the only way, and sometimes it isn’t even the best way. But, it is our way, and therefore it is important to recognize that we must value our perspective while at the same time recognizing that it isn’t anyone else’s.

The great thing about remembering that our perspective isn’t everyone’s is that it helps us see things through a slightly clearer lens. Yes, what we see will always be clouded by our own experience, but if we keep in mind that the world looks different to every individual, then we’re more likely to understand, and welcome the differences that exist around us.