“I’m Very Grateful” - #Blog365 Day 114

Yesterday we had our annual holiday party. In our organization, some of our departments have holiday gatherings, and it has been our tradition to have our program administrators take the rest of our staff out to a late lunch.

As I was chatting with our team, I was smiling at how great it was to have thirty of our department members together; eating, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Each of the administrator’s takes a moment to give thanks, and I shared my belief of how our organization has changed me for the better, and I tied it to three things I believe the best organizations do for their staff.

First, the best organizations allow people to be who they truly are. This means that no one feels as if they have to wear a mask, or a costume, to be effective in their work. We are able to be who we are, and people respect us for it. For me, that has meant bringing my geekiness to my work, and outfitting my office with geek attire, and outfitting myself with it as well (I’m a fan of geeky socks).

Second, organizations must show they are incredibly caring to their staff. My organization supports each and every one of us, through thick and thin, and through positive and negative. It is something that I greatly appreciate, as we can only be our best professionally when we are also at our best personally.

Finally, the best organizations challenge their people. Some of these challenges are ones we don’t want, and that comes with the territory. But most should be ones we do want. These are the challenges that make us rack our brains, come up with interesting ideas and potential solutions, and provide us with enough time to really “try them out.”

My organization, because of the people within it, and the mission and vision passed on, does these three things very well. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.