“I Have to Decide for Myself” - #Blog365 Day 115

I’m a big Star Wars fan. So, I’ve been anxiously awaiting seeing Rogue One (which I did last evening with a few friends). I’ve been trying to stay away from spoilers and any information that might lead me to learn too much about the film before I see it (it’s unbelievable how hard it is to avoid spoilers these days).

Unlike with The Force Awakens, I had heard some critical responses to Rogue One. Whereas everyone I spoke to said they “loved” the first part of the final trilogy, I received a number of “meh” responses for the Rogue One spinoff, which, in my opinion, is actually less spin-off than well-connected parallel, to the Star Wars canon.

Opinions and feedback are strange things, indeed. We need to value what those we trust and count on say, while always remembering to ask ourselves, “What does this mean to (and for) me?”

So, when I heard almost a quarter of opinions from people I trust being of the “meh” variety, I was a bit concerned.

And happily, at least for me, my concern was not merited.

I found Rogue One to be an inspiring story that effectively connected Episodes 3 and 4, and did so in a way that was not confusing, ridiculous, or hard to follow.

In short, at least for me, it was great.

So, this got me reflecting on the importance of taking feedback and making it work for you. I’ve read two great books recently on feedback (Thanks for the Feedback and Tell Me So I Can Hear You). Both texts make the case for every bit of feedback being important, and it being just as much about how we utilize the feedback we get based on the current frames we’re in, as how we give/get the feedback itself.

I value and respect the opinions of others. And, I always make sure to consider how those complement, or oppose, my own. The true benefit of any feedback is that if used, it can help us to continue to grow ourselves and also grow our relationships with others. Every idea shared is an opportunity to further connect one person to another.

In many ways, I’m glad that Rogue One wasn’t a thumbs-up for everyone. I think the best ideas and stories hit people differently. When we have too much agreement, or too much opposition, it is a recipe for confusion and lack of clarity. But some dissention and disagreement? I’ve found that that is a recipe for collaboration, and hopefully, future success.

May the force be with us all!