“Good to Be Back” - #Blog365 Day 127

Returning to work after a break requires a transition, sure, but there is something wonderful about getting back into the swing of things.

When we love the work that we do, it doesn’t take long to pick back up and get going again. Sometimes, there is that bump of stress we feel with having to juggle many more items than we did when we were on break (or, at least a different list of a whole lot of items). But, often, we realize that we’ve handled this much work and more in the past, and it becomes almost seamless.

I’m always gratified to see this “pick back up” mentality in our department and across our agency. The culture that has been built over time in the place where I work is one that is both welcoming and challenging, and if we can find that mix of “Welcome back” and “Let’s get down to business,” I believe we validate everyone’s need for connection and for being constantly pushed to strive and thrive.

As an example, yesterday morning involved a lot of catching up, chatting, laughing, and reframing “what was going on.” The rest of the day?

It was making things happen.

When an agency can operate with this type of dynamic, it showcases that much can be accomplished through balance; the idea that when we take the time to care for others, we get much more in return than if we were simply operating as a machine; working with an end in mind sure, but not caring as much about the “who” that is doing the work.

As I’ve written, I’m a big proponent of leading through relationships, so it is powerful for me to see how investing time in people, can lead to even bigger returns in process and, eventually, product.

This is an intriguing idea to me, and one that I hope to write more about over the next few days.