“Put It in Writing” - #Blog365 Day 128

There is something powerful about writing something down.

Maybe it is because when we see something written, we are more likely to believe in it, or associate ourselves with it.

Maybe it is because once it is written, it becomes easier to make available to others.

Maybe it is because once we write it down, we become more accountable for it.

Maybe it is because writing something allows us to reflect further than we might if we were to just say it.

It could be all of these, of course, but for me, I’ve always found that when I write something down, I commit to it, in some way, and therefore, am more likely to stand by it and/or live it.

This morning a few colleagues and I were chatting about some concerns we have. One of my colleagues suggested we put our concerns in writing and share them, as putting them in written form would help to showcase the seriousness of what we are concerned about.

The commitment that comes along with writing is an important one. We want to make sure that what we write, and when we write it, is valuable and makes sense. It also provides a buffer between what might be just conjecture, and what we can validate through facts and observations.

For me, the process of writing helps me to collect my thoughts, more effectively express them, and be content to hold myself to those ideals.

The more I put into writing, often the better.