“A Brisk Walk” - #Blog365 Day 173

This morning I had to drop my wife’s car off at the shop for an inspection. The mechanic is only about a mile away from my office, and with nice weather (albeit a bit cold) it seemed like a nice opportunity for a brisk walk.

For me, spending time outside has a similar impact as writing. When I take a walk, or go for a run, it does wonders for my reflecting and thinking. There is something, at least for me, about being outdoors and engaging in a repetitive action, which helps me to focus on my ideas, plans, and next steps.

Sometimes, whether we are classroom teachers, building principals, or central office staff members, we don’t give ourselves the time to engage in those repetitive physical acts. While for me, getting outdoors is important, sometimes, walking the halls of a building when it is empty can be just as cathartic. I’m not sure if it is the act of walking, the fact that we don’t think about the actions as we do them, or simply moving from place to place that helps me to reflect in these scenarios, but even in the coolest temperatures, a part of me always looks forward to a walk outside.

That said, I have to do a better job of giving myself the chance for these walks. Too often I over schedule myself, leaving no time for a mid-day walk. Though I often exercise in the morning, I do find myself losing steam as the day goes on. I have learned to address this by taking a lunch-time walk. Unfortunately for me, I don’t give myself the chance often enough for this to become routine.

Taking a walk and giving ourselves the time to reflect are necessities to health of the body and mind. I look forward to giving myself more time to do this going forward!