“It’s So Nice Outside” #Blog365 Day 174

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the wind was gentle, and the temperature was up in the low fifties. For February in the suburbs of New York, that’s quite warm.

We were preparing for a short trip down to Washington, DC. And between packing and taking care of a number of small things around the house, we all got the chance to spend a bit of time outside.

As I’ve written previously, being outdoors does wonders for me. And apparently, at least for my kids, it does as well.

As I was driving back from the supermarket, my youngest daughter said, “Daddy, can you put the windows down? It makes me so calm.”

And I agreed. It often feels like both in our personal and our professional spheres that a nice day makes our work that much easier.

The importance of mood can’t be understated. When we feel good about things we are more likely to give that extra ounce of energy to get things done. So, it falls on us to recognize how people are feeling, and use mood to help us, and others, achieve goals.

The nice part about living in the Northeast is that the changing seasons always keep things fresh. We know the seasonal progression, and we know what to expect. So, in the middle of winter, it is incredibly invigorating to end up with a day as beautiful as this one. Best to use what nature provides to help us nurture those around us!