"A Different Lens" - #Blog365 Day 201

On Friday I needed some help from some colleagues. I was dealing with a challenge, and I needed someone to help me shift my lens.

Happily, two co-workers, whose opinions I value very much, helped provide me with a different way of looking at a situation, and in so doing, gave me an opportunity to keep a relationship robust, while still holding to the needs of our organization.

The idea they provided was a tremendously valuable one, and one that, because of how I was approaching the problem, was one that I would likely never have thought of on my own.

I’ve learned a number of important lessons over my career so far. The first, is that our foremost goal must be to build and preserve relationships while balancing the vision and mission of our organization. Sometimes, this isn’t an easy feat. Another important lesson I’ve learned is that there is nothing wrong with being wrong. Rather, the fault comes in not accepting that there are better methods and ideas out there than our own. By being open to never having the best idea in the room, we become accustomed to swallowing our pride, and making decisions that are supported by data as well as the good thinking of all those we work with. I’ve come to be more comfortable with my ideas rarely being the ones that end up as the final solution, so long as they prompt thinking and risk-taking.

Happily, thanks to the input of my colleagues, the problem I faced was resolved, and in a much better way than I would have done on my own. We all need colleagues to help us see through a different lens. I’m constantly thankful for the great minds that I can rely on!