“We’ve Got Lots to Do” - #Blog365 Day 228

I’ve been on recess this week. My agency is incredibly generous to provide administrators with the chance to take one of the school breaks off, as a non-vacation time. Since we operate on a business calendar, it is truly great to have an opportunity to be both home and about with my family, without having to use precious vacation time.

This week has been filled with lots to do. Along with getting together with friends, seeing family, and birthday parties for kids, there has been much to take care of around the house. We’ve spent a good amount of time doing some springtime prep. The basement has been cleaned, the deck has been set up, furniture is back out on the patio, and we’ve made a number of runs to our storage unit to pick up and drop off items. I’ve also done a bit of housework, fixing a few things that have needed to be fixed, and considering ways to work on others that I likely won’t get to this break.

There is always more to do than we have time for, and it feels good when we’re able to check off some of the items that have been on our “To-Do” list for quite some time.

Leaders and learners always have lists of things to complete. The best of us are able to constantly be shuffling those lists; reprioritizing as necessary, and completing items before new items get added on. Those who are truly at the top of their game (I’m not there yet), can even end up with a completed list, even if it is for a moment.

Having lots to do is both blessing and curse. It feels good to know that we can improve our lives in so many ways, and yet it can be daunting to think that there is so much that we can do and so many different pathways we might take. Of course, in the end, what gets done is all about what we invest in, and part of the joy we get from having long lists is knowing that it is in our power to check items off.