“Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment” - #Blog365 Day 229

This blogging initiative is primarily for me. It’s been a method to help force me to reflect and think a little more critically on a daily basis. It has been tough at times, but also quite fun. I’ve found a method that works (I write each day’s blog post the day before, so I always have a day prepared in case I can’t blog the next day), and I’ve come to the understanding that it isn’t about how much I write in a given day, but simply the fact that I write.

On Saturday morning I was able to join a Twitter chat that has taught me much. #Satchat, designed by Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, and Scott Rocco, has been incredibly valuable for me as I’ve grown as a leader and a learner, and whenever I can join the weekly chat, I do so!

Saturday’s chat was based on the new book by Todd Whitaker, Jeff Zoul, and Jimmy Casas (Start. Right. Now.), and in responding to one of their prompts, I mentioned how tremendous regular reflection has been for me this year, and how blogging daily has helped me to do a better job in this area (I still have much work to do!)

I was excited by the interest from the learners and leaders on the chat in the idea of daily blogging. It hasn’t been an easy initiative, so the conversation during the chat helped me to realize what an accomplishment this blog has been so far this year. And (in most cases anyway) I’ve kept to my goal of truly writing for me. Aside from a daily share-out of the post, I don’t tend to do any promotion of it. This has helped me to write more openly, honestly, and, in many ways, plainly, with whatever flows from my mind to the digital paper.

Another aspect of the initiative I feel great about? If you acknowledge the research that we need many hours of practice in order to move from good to great in any given area, then I do believe that my writing must be getting better (I still have much work to do in this area too J), and as someone who loves to write, I only see that as a positive.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to keep to this routine, and love that others who I respect deeply think it is such an accomplishment. It’s good to know that an initiative I’ve started to help myself might be so useful for others too!