“Whatever Makes You Comfortable” - #Blog365 Day 238

We found out yesterday that lice is moving around throughout my daughter’s first grade class. It seems like a number of students who have already gotten it, so we did a very thorough check of both of our daughters’ hair (and my wife and I gave each other’s hair a once over too).

But, my wife wasn’t satisfied. She wanted someone who knew more about what to look for and how to find it to take a look. So, she made an appointment at one of the offices in our region where they check lice and provide treatments. Just in case.

And my response, “Whatever makes you comfortable.”

While I didn’t think it was necessary, I’ve learned to become more open to people doing what they feel most comfortable with.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I shy away from encouraging others to push themselves. Instead, I’m talking about letting people find their comfort zones, so they can be pushed out of them (or out of some of them) later on.

Change is hard, and if we push change at every moment, then we never give people the chance to recharge themselves. And, if we never let people recharge, then we can’t imagine that they’ll be change agents for long. After all, change is hard work.

So, I’m a fan of letting people have their comforts (at least some of them) in order to help them address those situations that won’t be as comfortable. Change is great, but only if we have the energy, and willingness, to take it on.